How It Works

Becoming a PSERC Partner

Grow Your Business with Quality Appointments

Our PSERC Partners work with clients in a 1-on-1 consultative capacity, they facilitate free pension reviews, and they conduct personalized immersive meetings to help federal and state public employees reach their financial goals.

Our Quality Leads

One of the problems with running your own business is filling your calendar with qualified
appointments. But we set your calendar for you with the quality appointments you’ve been
craving and then you can serve your clients however you see fit!

The partnership program at PSERC allows you to focus on what you do best, deliver incredible
value to your clients and build great long lasting relationships. We remove your least favorite
tasks involving marketing and business development so your time is spent right where you need it to be – with clients.

Our partnership program is built for the “intrapreneur” who has an entrepreneurial spirit but wants to build a business helping federal and state public employees reach financial success without the headache of marketing. Our PSERC Partners are focused on delivering exceptional service and pension reviews to their PSERC appointments while also having the freedom and flexibility to turn them into long-term clients for your core service offerings.

Our PSERC Partners Include:

Insurance Agents

Annuity Specialists

Financial Advisors

Investment Managers

Tax Specialists


All with the ability to provide the critically needed pension review our federal and state public employees are desperately needing so they know what to expect when it comes to their retirement.

The Process

Become a PSERC Partner for quality appointments with federal and state public employees in just 1 week and start the process of building
your insurance, investment, or financial advisory business with the clients you want most.

What Are the Steps to Become a PSERC Partner?

  1. Fill out the application form

    It’s quick and painless. We just need to ask you some basic “getting to know you” questions.

  2. Speak to our PSERC Rep for an overview and assessment

    Enjoy meeting a PSERC representative who can explain our program more fully to you and help answer any questions you have and help you determine next steps.

  3. Qualified agents will then be invited into 1 week training

    Join us for a 1-week virtual training where you will learn exactly how to review and deliver an exceptional pension review for every quality appointment we book, and then how to effectively pitch your own services to close the client.

  4. Start getting quality appointments immediately

    This is what makes us so unique from any other lead generation business out there. We get you the quality appointments and schedule them on your calendar. We give you the business. Now, it’s yours.