Your time and expertise is too valuable to be wasted on leads that aren’t interested in your services.

Grow your business with quality clients.

Easily connect with clients already looking for your services.

Stop wasting your time

Ditch spending your time on lead generation and just start booking quality appointments with PSERC.

Save money on marketing

Become a PSERC Partner and gain access to quality leads without all the effort.

Watch your revenue grow

When it’s easy to book quality appointments, your business can start thriving immediately.

Grow your revenue with qualified appointments

Our partnership program was designed to help financial service providers get connected with their ideal clients. We have the public employee leads, you offer the services they’re looking for, we get you connected. It’s that simple.

Here’s the process to become a PSERC Partner

What’s included as part of your annual partnership?

  • Database Access
  • Sales and Marketing Templates and Scripts to help you close more clients
  • Quality Appointments with your ideal clients

Get More Clients Without the Hassle of Finding Them on Your Own

As seasoned financial representatives ourselves, we know how important quality appointments are to your business. Which is why we launchd PSERC in the first place, to connect our continuously growing database of public employees with the right financial representatives every time. Imagine your day spending more time working with your clients than trying to get new ones.

  • Grow your business revenue with more qualified clients
  • Spend more time serving your clients
  • Save money by not wasting it on marketing efforts that get you no results
  • Stop wasting your time on calls with people that aren’t a good fit
  • Never overpay for bad leads ever again

You Should Become a PSERC Partner if You Are:

  • A Financial Professional who doesn’t want to spend so much time and money on business development
  • Someone who offers financial products or services uniquely positioned to help public employees
  • Established in your business and looking to expand your offerings
  • Looking for ways to increase your business revenue with ideal clients
  • Someone who has struggled to get quality appointments with the people you want to serve
  • Tired of putting in so much effort and never seeing results